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A smart home is a happy home

There is nothing more important than the place you call home. Your home is your haven, your safe place. And smart, affordable technology plays a key role in keeping you safe, connected, and entertained.

Home Theater & Media Rooms

One of our clients said it best: “We may never go to the movie theater again.”

You can own a home theater or media room so engaging and comfortable that your family and friends can hardly wait for the show to start with an immersive sight and sound experience that is better than going to the movies. A BTS home theater system provides at-home entertainment that’s hard to beat – a movie theater in a dedicated room, or a multipurpose room, designed for you to watch movies or sports, or play games, without distractions, discomfort and cost.

Our home theater and media room installations are more than a TV and speakers. Your projector and screen, or flat panel display, are custom selected to make the most of your unique space. An A/V receiver is matched to your choice of speakers that are carefully placed for dynamic, quality surround sound. To enhance the experience, we provide acoustic treatment, custom seating, fiber optic ceiling, lighted marquees and custom mill work. To complete this space, we design the room based on your preference of décor, seating, colors, fabric and carpet.  Your equipment will be picture perfect, deployed in professional racks with cable and thermal management.

Whole Home Music

Audio systems give each room, the deck and the pool access to individual music choices.

With the touch of an app, family members may tap into music from more than 80 streaming services globally, including Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and iHeartMusic. If you own a music collection, our systems can access files stored on networked PCs and hard drives and play them in any room of the house. The interface provides volume, tone and balance controls for each zone or you can select party mode to control the whole house from one zone. BTS can include other audio sources, such as cable/satellite TV music stations or Apple AirPlay.

We can automate your home. When used as the hub of your AV system, our multi-room audio and control chassis can support up to 24 lighting control modules and up to three wireless thermostats. Add a touch screen or hand-held remote and it can control your home theater.

Security & Surveillance

The safety of your family and protection of your home and belongings is important for your peace of mind, especially when you’re away.

Because BTS is your source for all smart home technology, we are the experts on the latest high-tech home security systems. We install alarm systems for fire, burglary and medical emergencies that link to our award-winning central station partner COPS for 24-hour monitoring and dispatching. We audit each home and suggest how to secure the property, including window/door sensors, glass-break sensors, water and temperature sensors, carbon monoxide alarms, and heat/smoke sensors.

We increase your security by installing video surveillance. We can work with IP cameras for the latest in surveillance technology or update an existing analog system with high definition analog cameras with no need to replace cables. All of our cameras are connected to a video recorder that records video to a hard drive for playback. The video recorder is network-enabled and supports monitoring of your video images via mobile devices with no monthly cloud storage fee.

Networking & Wifi

Reliable networks result in reliable systems. BTS has the equipment and know-how to design, build and monitor your network so you get the most for your monthly fee.

Internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon are experts at delivering the internet to your door. But they rely on a “one-size-fits-all” plan to bring that service inside your home. Because smart homes rely on internet speeds and connections, we install professional-grade equipment to ensure that your network inside the home is fast and that WiFi service is distributed equally throughout all rooms in the home.

Lighting & Climate Control

With lighting and climate controls at your fingertips, you can control the environment of your home while you are away.

We’ve all been away from home after dark with no lights on and worried about a break-in. Or we have left home without adjusting the thermostat, knowing that we’re wasting money while the utility bill rises.

BTS provides smart home technology so you can control your home’s lighting and climate, either through a set schedule or remotely from your mobile device. The ease of using an app to turn lights off or on and adjust the temperature is no further than your phone.

Home Automation

We make it easy to combine controls for the entire home.

The smartest of smart homes is a fully automated one, with all the home’s electronics integrated and accessible with touchscreens, voice commands and mobile apps throughout the house and away from home. This is a home with a brain, computerized and operating according to your specifications. The technology to make a home smart is here. It’s reliable, efficient and easy to use.

Every room and area of the house, including outdoor spaces, can be monitored and controlled for security, comfort, efficiency and pleasure. BTS leads the way in whole-home automation, with expertise and smart solutions for every system in the home, from home theaters to music, and from security to light and climate controls.

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