Enjoy Intuitive Control and Unrivaled Quality Anywhere, Anytime 

Set the perfect soundtrack for any occasion with a whole home audio system that delivers a seamless experience throughout your home. You can enjoy any music in any room without relying on a specific speaker or stereo system. Provide background music for cooking a new recipe or sit down with your favorite album after a long day at work. By combining integrated control from your device of choice with discreet built-in speakers, we’ll create an immersive musical experience that won’t intrude on the decor of your Delaware home. 

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Control the Way You Want It

Whole home audio simplifies listening to music, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes however or wherever you like. Control your audio through keypads, dedicated touchpads, remotes, voice commands, or smartphones. 

Take advantage of audio zones to craft different ambiances. For example, upbeat jazz can be played in the living room, while classical music can help the kids concentrate on homework in the den. If you have a big party, play music on all speakers so people don’t miss out as they move from room to room. 

If you have go-to routines, create custom scenes to easily pull up your favorite audio for certain applications. For example, a “Morning” scene not only opens the shades and raises the thermostat but also begins playing a relaxing playlist full of soundscapes to ease you out of sleep. 

Easy Access to Your Favorite Music

One of the biggest perks of whole home audio is accessing your entire music collection anywhere in the house (or even outdoors). Your sound system gets native access to all major streaming services, so it’s easy to find the song you want without switching between apps. This centralized distribution is even better for non-streaming services. Even if a media server, CD player, or turntable is in one room, you can broadcast its signal throughout the house. 

Non-Intrusive High-Quality Sound 

These features will go to waste if you don’t have high-quality audio you’ll want to enjoy for hours. That’s where Monitor Audio comes in. Headquartered in the UK, Monitor Audio was founded in 1972 with a primary mission of delivering high-fidelity sound through innovative audio solutions in both residential and commercial settings. 

They offer a comprehensive line of high-fidelity, architectural speakers for multi-room audio systems. These in-wall, in-ceiling, and invisible speakers fit into any space. Choose from various grille designs and colors to better match your aesthetics.  

Do you want to take your music outdoors? Monitor Audio has you covered there as well with its weather-resistant speakers. Choose from in-wall, wall-mounted, or in-ground speakers to bring your favorite media to your patio, pool, or backyard. They’re all designed to live outdoors year-round while still delivering powerful sound that pierces through ambient noise. 

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