Senior woman with a tablet receives a notification on her phone from about her home's back door activity.

A Closer Look at BTS’s Wellness Solutions

Gone are the days when aging in place seemed fraught with challenges, both for seniors and their caregivers. Today, smart technology is revolutionizing the landscape of independent living in Delaware, offering unprecedented opportunities for autonomy, safety, and well-being. This transformation redefines caregiving, striking a delicate balance between nurturing independence for our seniors and providing caretakers with peace of mind. As we explore BTS’s suite of health monitoring solutions, we showcase how these innovations allow caretakers to provide support without compromising their loved ones’ independence.

Keeping an Eye on Wellness

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge surveillance, BTS’s Wellcams provide a seamless blend of monitoring and non-intrusive support. These sophisticated cameras are designed to keep a vigilant eye on daily activities, ensuring seniors enjoy their independence with dignity. With features that enable remote check-ins, caregivers can offer assistance and support from afar without invading personal space. This innovative approach to wellness monitoring exemplifies how technology can foster an environment of care and connectivity without infringing on the autonomy of our loved ones.

Sensors: The Foundation of Smart Care

Sensors play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of seniors living independently. These sensors, including door, window, bed, and motion sensors, are ingeniously designed to monitor the home environment subtly yet effectively. They provide real-time alerts to caregivers about potential safety issues or unusual activities, enabling prompt responses to emergencies or deviations from normal routines. Sensors particularly help caretakers with those dealing with dementia who may be prone to wandering away. 

Alerts Keep You Informed at All Times

BTS’s wellness alerts inform caretakers of unusual or unexpected activities. These alerts notify caretakers of deviations from normal routines, such as a lack of movement that might indicate a fall or emergency. By enabling prompt responses to these alerts, caretakers can ensure immediate action is taken when necessary. This system exemplifies how technology can aid in proactive rather than reactive caregiving, providing peace of mind for seniors and their caregivers.

Integrating Automation for Greater Comfort 

BTS’s platform even integrates devices like thermostats. Imagine a scenario where a senior’s routine includes waking up in a comfortably warm house during winter mornings. BTS’s system automates the thermostat settings based on the time of day or even the first movement detected in the morning, ensuring the home is always at an ideal temperature to avoid stiffness and pain associated with cold. This enhances comfort and guarantees a safe environment by avoiding the risks associated with extreme temperatures, simplifying care through intuitive technology.

Empowering Caretakers with Mobile Control

The Health and Wellness mobile app empowers caretakers by facilitating remote management of wellness solutions, ensuring caretakers can maintain constant connectivity and oversight. With the app, users can adjust settings, receive alerts, and monitor activity in real time, all from the palm of their hand. This level of control and ease of use ensures that caretakers provide responsive, attentive care, regardless of their physical location. 

Addressing Challenges to Implementing

Adoption of smart technology for caregiving can present several challenges. To overcome these hurdles, it’s essential to start with clear communication about the benefits and operations of these technologies, emphasizing their role in improving safety and independence. Encourage gradual familiarization with the technology and provide ongoing support and resources for seniors and their caretakers. By addressing these challenges with patience and understanding, caregivers can harness the full potential of smart technology to create a supportive and secure environment.


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