A person uses a tablet to control the smart home features of a spacious, modern living room with a sectional sofa and large windows showing outdoor greenery.

Work with a Smart Home Company for All Your Tech Needs 

Do you want a more tech-forward lifestyle? BTS Enterprises is your ally in navigating the exciting world of smart home innovation. Specializing in turning homes into tech-forward spaces, we are Delaware’s leading smart home company. We stand out for our professionalism and being a one-stop shop for all your smart home dreams. Imagine your home as an intelligent environment that adapts to your every need, simplifies daily tasks, and embodies your lifestyle. With BTS, this dream becomes reality. 

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Why Choose a One-Stop Shop for Your Technology?


With BTS, you gain the simplicity of coordinating all your smart technology needs through a single, trusted provider. This approach results in a cohesive system design and integration and eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors who don’t coordinate properly. Plus, BTS’s unified customer support streamlines troubleshooting and maintenance. Any issue with a smart device in your home? You immediately know who to call. We keep detailed plans of all our installations to make isolating and resolving problems easy. 

A Look at Our Smart Home Solutions


We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions designed to cater to every aspect of the modern smart home. Here are just some of our top offerings: 

Home AV: Transform your entertainment with our custom AV solutions. From multi-room audio that lets you pull up your music any time to home theaters that put you in the middle of the action, we breathe new life into your favorite entertainment. 

Motorized Shades: Experience convenience and comfort with BTS’s smart shading solutions. Manage shades through your device of choice or create automated settings that boost your privacy, reduce energy use, and let you optimize your use of natural light. 

Lighting Control Systems: Get intuitive control of all your lighting to create the perfect ambiance at the press of a button. Replace switches with keypads and touchpads, employ occupancy sensors to eliminate energy waste, and dim lights for optimal comfort. 

Smart Home Automation: Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating all these systems into one automated home. Manage all your technology from one device or a simple voice command instead of flipping between different apps and create custom scenes incorporating all your technology. For example, a “Good Morning” scene raises your shades, raises the thermostat, and begins playing your favorite podcast. 

Delivering Custom Smart Home Solutions 


Our professional expertise is pivotal in tailoring home automation to your needs. With our insight, every aspect of your smart home, from entertainment systems to energy-efficient lighting, is customized to enhance your lifestyle. Choose what you want to include, where, and how to manage it. We’ll ensure your smart home reflects your preferences and is optimized for comfort, convenience, efficiency, and, of course, fun.  

Are you eager to elevate your living space with tailored smart technology? Start your journey to a smarter home today by calling or filling out our contact form.