Whether you’re looking for a new video conference room or an improved surveillance system,
you’ll feel confident when BTS is your technology expert and trusted adviser.

Conference Room
Is your organization looking to upgrade its conference room?

BTS is the go-to source for state-of-the-art conference rooms because we consider every element that improves information sharing among people. From huddle rooms to the boardroom, you’ll experience no-hassle audiovisual control for meetings, presentations and training.

Newer technologies make information sharing easier. Whether you prefer a dedicated computer, a laptop, a wireless mobile device or all three, we make it easy to put everyone’s contribution up on the big screen. We think about lighting, light dimmers and shades for natural light. We’ll also furnish modular tables for variable arrangements and comfortable seating, with the right amount of space each person needs. We’ll handle all the details to give your business a meeting room where ideas form and develop.

Security & Access Control
BTS offers small business solutions for alarm systems and access control.

Alarms and access controls are a tremendous break-in and theft deterrent and give peace of mind to business owners at a price made affordable by technology. We offer cost-effective alarm and access-control systems for small businesses to protect your clients, your employees and your property.

BTS is a go-to source for commercial surveillance.

Because we understand equipment and installation, we offer surveillance for less, including affordable high definition analog for small business to digital IP solutions that meet enterprise requirements. All systems include a network-enabled video recorder to store images on a hard drive for review. Our video recorders provide local or remote access to images through the network via mobile device, PC or laptop.

Whether you need a camera linked with your point of sale, a watchful eye on your inventory or protection for clients in the parking garage, BTS makes installing a system or upgrading an existing system painless and less costly.

Office Automation
Whether you’re on a sales call, at home with friends, or on the other side of the world, you can be in control of your place of business anytime.

We’ve all been there — away from the office, worried about a break-in. Or we’ve left without adjusting the thermostat, knowing that money is going out the window while the utility bill rises.

BTS can give you the freedom and reassurance that comes with knowing all is well at the office. You can see and hear what’s going on, and stay in touch with employees. You can adjust the climate, switch lights off or on remotely, or preset them to adjust automatically.

Digital Signage & Video Walls
Yes, we install digital signage, too.

It may seem like a small thing, but digital signs add credibility to your business and strengthen your advertising. BTS handles the technology required to put your business name in lights.

From menu boards to conference room schedules to your marketing message, digital signs are the new standard of excellence.

For more demanding video applications, we offer video wall solutions. From digital signage loaded with “WOW” featuring free form arrangement of displays to ultra reliable multi-panel displays for control rooms and emergency operations centers.

Networks & Wi-Fi
Reliable Wi-Fi and robust networking capability is an absolute in today’s businesses.

Down time and slow connections use precious time and cut into a company’s profits. BTS installs networks that make all the internet bandwidth and speed delivered to you door available to your devices so you can work a the speed of business. We cut out the malfunction junctions that slow connections and ensure you have professional-grade equipment and cabling that will not fail.

Our installations provide your business with everything you need to operate your digital devices efficiently and successfully.

Training Rooms & Labs
A well-planned training room or lab can strengthen your instruction and enhance learning.

Are the workstations comfortable and user-friendly? Is the lighting adequate for students to work and take notes? Are displays easy to see? Can the presenter be heard and understood from all seats in the room? Besides installing the most usable and effective software and computers for your needs, BTS considers environmental factors that increase efficiency and help learning.

Every component of a training facility works together to ensure the room fulfills its purpose. With BTS, nothing is overlooked.

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